We are

data conversion experts.

Whether you need a solution from A to Z or just want help on one phase of any data conversion project, we remain the go-to solution for data analysis, reconciliation, migration and connection.

Our Secret Weapon

what sets us apart.

Our innovative and iterative approach based on our patented platform enables us to deliver the most complex and sophisticated of data conversion projects in a fraction of the time required by traditional IT practices.

Efficiency - time is money

Rapid project startup: lightweight infrastructure, minimal orientations required. Speed of execution: connections, mapping, prototypes…driven by adaptability. Continuous test validation: ability to quickly realign solutions, based on test results.

Adaptability - tailored to your needs

Rapidly connect, standardize, and transform data. Execute data reconciliation, identifying and eliminating duplicate records. Substantial capacity to develop and implement customized data management rules.

Multisources - based on your data

Virtual connection to a wide variety of data, consisting of an unlimited number of formats. Access and explore large volumes of data residing in a wide spectrum of data sources. Ability to collate and aggregate data.

Our foundation

focused on the success of your projects.

Data conversion projects are important commitments, requiring an experienced team, focused on an efficient approach and composed of innovative and attentive people.

Why join us

we want you.

An amazing team, a job you love and projects that challenge you.
  • A culture built on collaboration
  • Our excitement for creation and innovation
  • Forget the notion of the “typical day”
  • The sky is the limit...
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Let’s do something that has a positive impact on your business.

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Our passion and focus is collaborating with our clients, enabling them to leverage their knowledge and expertise, leading to seamless and efficient data conversion projects.