Our speciality

accelerating data conversion projects

We reduce the risk and cost of data conversion projects, with our expertise, our patended platform and our unique approach.

our expertise

proven success.


Data systems store and manage data differently. Our solutions optimize the transfer of data between systems, translating legacy data to the target data language. Through our data conversion tools, it becomes possible to visualize and validate instantly the impact of data mapping and assignment, leveraging system capabilities and the ability to adapt to ever-changing business cases. Customize output datasets, tailored to targeted software requirements. The bottom line: reduce costs and risk.


Incompatible data formats and structures are an ever-present barrier to data comparison and reconciliation between systems. A customizable interface facilitates the quick and efficient identification of data discrepancies, eliminating duplicates and ensuring the integrity and quality of output data. This safeguard enables Caswil to identify and eliminate errors based on inaccurate or missing data, thereby leading to more reliable output datasets. Who can afford to waste time and money, working with erroneous data?


Rapidly create connections between distinct data models, seamlessly transforming and constantly updating your data. Caswil provides a configurable connection between multiple data sources using an optimized, reusable Statements© upload structure, activated on schedule or OnDemand. Caswil provides intuitive toolsets, transforming how IT and business users convert legacy data to software-specific datasets. Connect to the data you need, how and when you need it.

our Approach

an iterative journey.

Understand the present and envision the future in a continuous cycle of defining, ideating, and creating.

With our iterative process we seek to understand the user, challenge assumptions, and redefine problems in an attempt to identify alternative strategies and solutions that might not be instantly apparent with our initial level of understanding.

define - business model

  • Get to know users
  • Understand context
  • Identify needs
  • Listen for feedback

ideate - data model

  • Understand data sources and format
  • Analyze data relationships
  • Identify limitations
  • Explore alternative strategies

create - solution

  • Develop prototype concepts
  • Refine through iterative creation
  • Validate solution functionality
  • Drive outcomes
our differentiators

what we bring to you.

time to value

Our ground-breaking approach reduces the time and resources dedicated to the planning, execution and testing of your data conversion. The auditing and testing of conversion and source systems begins as soon as data has been accessed. Data cleansing can start immediately, in order to “fix” data in the legacy system. Making data visible early in the process and validating its pertinence with the user, is the key to successful data conversion. We deliver in weeks what our competition delivers in months.


Aware that each data conversion project presents it's own inherent challenges, Caswil derives it's unique flexibility from its patented platform, enabling the implementation of a tailored approach for each individual project.


We bring together the right people, the right tools and the right approach no matter the expertise you need. Through our fixed-cost pricing model, we minimize risk and eliminate unwanted "surprises".

Awesome brands

satisfied clients.


We provide an innovative platform enabling our clients to leverage their knowledge and expertise, helping them attain seamless and efficient data conversion projects.

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Our passion and focus is collaborating with our clients, enabling them to leverage their knowledge and expertise, leading to seamless and efficient data conversion projects.