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business solutions creator.

The beginning of an adventure.
A mix of business, creativity and technology.
You will meet and discuss with the client. You will identify both the source data (Ex: XLS, CSV, PDF, HTML, XML, DB, etc.) and the required data format at destination (DB, Dashboards, reports, HTML, XML, etc.), as well as existing obstacles that are causing inefficiencies. You will analyze the problem, develop a business flow and data model, followed by the creation and iteration of a solution.
You do not need to be a programmer. Our platform, through its simplistic interface and its intuitive structure, will allow anyone who is competent with programs such as Excel, to load, manipulate, transform and produce data according to the client’s requirements. You must possess the ability to quickly understand and synthesize business needs and to articulate a plan that will bring your solution to life. The manipulation and transformation of numbers is at the heart of what we do. If you hate numbers… this position may not be for you.
We are looking for special individuals, not diplomas.

flexible, efficient, creative.

at caswil
We are looking for people with life experience who want to be part of a growing team. English and short-term mobility are assets.
The lifestyle of a growing business is not for everyone… We love the unknown and the changes, but above all, what motivates us is knowing that “the sky is the limit “.


See the glass half full. There will be pitfalls and challenges. We are looking for people who can see the opportunities in each situation.

analytical mind

What is clearly thought out is clearly expressed. Able to get directly to the essential is to save time, to avoid getting lost in the details, in a world where the flow of information is constant. It is also the ability to organize information in a logical way and to compare the aspects of a problem or situation, to analyze, to decide, to act.

autonomy / resourcefulness

We will not hold you by the hand. You will learn how to develop solutions independently, react or solve a problem in a short time, demonstrating your independance.

what we offer you.

our differentiators

creative lab

We are curious and enthusiastic, always evolving. We like to challenge our teams with interesting projects and new technology. It's all about fresh thinking, looking at things differently and using technology to improve the world around us.

work-life balance

You are your own manager. You determine your workload, your schedule and your work-life balance. Our teams work in a virtual environment. Our business model increases productivity. Our varied client base and onsite/offsite work strategy provides exposure to a multitude of business environments.

think big

We offer a patented platform targeted at a global industry covering four continents. We provide one of the most inspiring challenges you will find in the IT consulting industry. Coupled with an innovative and forward thinking employee revenue sharing model, our team members determine how much or how little they want to earn. As a burgeoning technology enterprise, the sky's the limit.


If you are looking for your next opportunity, where you can grow professionally and be fully compensated for your work, you’ve come to the right place.

We are always looking for

Curious, Autonomous & Creative Minds

We are looking for people with life experience who want to be part of a growing team. If you think you are the ideal candidate, we are always looking for exceptional people.